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On behalf of the Professional Land Reform Group you are invited to a General Meeting of PLRG this Friday 31st May at 2.30pm. The venue is the School of Economic Science, 11 Mandeville Place (near Bond Street underground). As well as reporting on the past two years of PLRG activities, we will be planning the way forward. We are also looking for volunteers to help manage our website and mailing lists, also core funding to pay for essential expenses.

The current membership subscription is a 'suggested' £10 per year but that is one of the important matters to discuss this Friday. Meanwhile all those who have pledged to the video project are likely to be voted on as paid-up members of PLRG for the current year, in recognition of your contribution. If you have not yet pledged to this, it is not too late: there are only 2 days and £300 to go!

Here is a report on PLRG activities since May 2011.

Dr Tony Vickers
Honorary Secretary PLRG

Let Beneficiaries Pay.pdf

The talk by Dr Tony Vickers was given to a standing-room-only audience of postgraduate students, staff and guests of Bartlett School of Planning UCL, plus members of PLRG, on Wednesday 10th October. A lively discussion followed.

Dr Vickers is available to give similar talks on aspects of Land Value Capture.

James Robertson's new book Future Money: breakdown or breakthrough? appears just as the whole way we finance home-building and regeneration is under scrutiny. A series of 12 seminars in London looks at a "Commons-based Economy" much like Robertson's thinking.

"There can be few books more worthy of our time of crisis than this" says reviewer Dr Tony Vickers. "It sets out how reform of the money supply system links to reform of taxation "off income, profits, value added..." and onto "value subtracted ... for private profit from common resources..." and reform of public expenditure priorities, off "perverse subsidies" and instead into a "Citizens Dividend" that would replace welfare payments."

FUTURE MONEY review.pdf

See also details of the series of seminars in London (8th to 18th May) inspired by similar ideas and facilitated by James Quilligan.

Auctions are Good!

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Auctions good at value capture.pdf

A report of the talk by Dr Tim Leunig on 11th April 2012 at Portcullis House, Westminster.

Report of the CGO Conference 2011.pdf

This report marks the recent conference of the Council of Georgist Organisations (CGO), in Minneapolis, which was attended by PLRG members Dave & Heather Wetzel and Tony Vickers.

PLRG Annual Report

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Property Taxation - Time for Reform 03.02.2011.ppt - slides of a talk by Jeremy Edge to PLRG on 3rd Feb 2011.

Since the RICS launched their major study last summer, it is clear that the scope of what they are likely to recommend to Government by way of tax reform has narrowed. Whilst there are fundamental, long-term issues with the current tax structure - Jeremy was highly critical of how the industry is hit by taxes at every stage of the property cycle - the proposals emerging will be limited to a few reforms that RICS' consultants believe have best chance of being accepted by those in power.

Jeremy said that "there is a very clear opportunity to reform Stamp Duty Land Tax" and some chance that Government will review its decision to drop 'tariff-style' developers' contributions. He believes that Treasury are keen to find way od simplifying the way that tax operates and also of looking at ways of capturing land value uplift - but without a complete reform of the current Council Tax and Business Rates systems, if possible.

In the discussion that followed, there was general agreement that there is little scope for making the current tax system have a more benigh impact on construction without wholesale reform - and that a site-value based system would achieve much greater simplification as well as economic efficiency.

Transitional Issues.doc is a draft paper, prepared by PLRG Hon Sec Dr Tony Vickers for the Coalition for Economic Justice, drawing on his work over 10 years researching the barriers to implementation of Land Value Taxation (LVT) in Britain. It is intended for policy makers and officials who might wish - or be charged with having - to make a major Tax Shift off Enterprise onto Land Rents as Revenue.

Comments on the paper are welcome, preferably by 14 Jan 2011, to the author.

Simplifying the tax system.ppt.pdf has been offered to PLRG by Mark Wadsworth, the author of a Bow Group (Conservative centre-right think-tank) contribution to the present Government's tax policy thinking - which wasn't accepted in 2005. But the global economy is very different now, in 2010.

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