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From the minutes of the Executive of the Council on 15 March:

(Agenda Item 26)

The Executive considered a report EX26 which summarised the outcome of the Land Tax Working Group’s investigations into how practical a land value tax system would and how the resulting tax levels would compare with the present system.

RESOLVED: (there being equality of voting, on the casting vote of the Chair) to refer the report to the Council without comment.

The third and final Round of a Policy Delphi on Value Maps has been completed and analysed. A report
can be downloaded to see what 23 experts and stakeholder representatives thought of the proposed Action Plan, who would benefit from Value Maps and who would enable them to happen.

The report suggests that a 'twin-track' approach would be best: whilst moves towards property tax reform (specifically a Location Benefit Levy or Land Value Tax) would greatly assist the development of value mapping, a less politically controversial approach would be to press for more joined-up policy on geographic information, which would include site values.

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