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If you are not from the UK, you have a chance to help develop Value Mapping (the mapping of property and land values) in Britain, by sharing your experience with others in the project described here resulting from a pilot survey of members of the Federation Internationale Geometrique (FIG - the World Congress of Surveyors) in 2002.
If having read the paper, you would like to take part in the main survey, again with the help of FIG - who may have directed you here - please download the form (Appendix B to the paper) and return it, when completed, by email to tonyvickers@landvaluescape.org

The e-government Work Programme of the European Commission (EC) may wish to look at Value Mapping, if it can help identify a sustainable new source of taxation. As European population stagnates, its asset wealth grows - relatively untaxed.
British consultant in geo-data policy Chris Corbin attended a recent EC workshop and reported:
"As the European Society has very small growth in population and hence the work force size is static or reducing due to the ageing effect then there is a need to redeploy people from the public sector into the new areas that are expected to fuel the Information Society and Knowledge Economy. Where will the taxes come from to sustain such investment especially in an environment where taxes are being slowly moved from direct to indirect? Research was needed in this area."

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