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Irish election and property taxes
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Introducing Landvaluescape and the PLRG
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Landvaluescape for Green Property Taxes
PLRG next meeting 1st July - infrastructure funding the focus
Changing the Mould - what will it mean for LVT?
Calling Notice: Thursday 29th April 5.30pm, meeting to re-launch PLRG
Re-launch of the Professional Land Reform Group
Professional Land Reform Group to re-launch
Visualising Landvaluescape for Britian: thesis published
Landvaluescape thesis completed
Local Economy publishes Landvaluescape article
Brownfield Study takes step towards a national land use database
Make change-makers pay to record change
Brownfield data: Can We Do Better?
English Land Use Database under review
UN HABITAT funds Land Tax project
The Next FIG, the Next Utility?
Professional Land Reform Group agrees Mission & Research Manifesto
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Fiscal Crisis in UK: new book
Ministers asked to "question closely" RICS research findings on LVT
Among Critical Issues again
Japanese required?
Final Delphi Workshop
Oxfordshire County County studies LVT report
Final Value Maps Delphi Analysis
Issue 5: December 2004
Best Value Map in England & Wales?
Valuebill after Acacia: Addressing Addressing!
Addressing: Guardian Society 1 Dec 04
Global Taxation Matters
Vickers to join AGI Council
Delphi Final Round launch
Policy Options for UK Value Maps
Completing the UK Land & Property Gazetteer
Issue 4: Summer 2004
Global Value Maps Survey
Where will the taxes come from?
Book "LVT in Britain" available
Issue 3 (Easter 2004)
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Group Analysis
New Lincoln Book
Issue 2 (February 2004)
Issue 1 (January 2004)
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