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Lithuania may be a model for UK's GI Strategy.

The Action Plan for UK Value Maps takes shape - but no figures yet. I need feedback by 20 Dec if possible.

Addressing addressing and Valuebill - am I ill-informed? (If so, so's Capgemini).

HM Treasury to learn about LVT in Oxford next month.

I'm now on two Councils - one is AGI's.

Resolution for 2005: to finish my PhD! Just like that......

Is thisthe best we can do, until basic property information is more reliable and freely available?

The map, by David Holloway using data originally from the Land Registry, shows the approximate cost of land for housing in each local authority area in England and Wales. The figures are adjusted by Duncan Elliott for regional construction costs and make some allowance for the mix of house types sold in each area during the period reported on (in this case 4Q 2002).

Several journalists have taken an interest in my research, especially the GI Policy aspects. I was quoted in the Economist of 27 Nov (page 35 UK edition) in an article "Where is everybody?" and in the following week's Wednesday "Society" section of the Guardian an "Inside View" column in my name was published in the eGovLocal series - for councillors to write about their 'bee in bonnet'.

The issues covered here will be pursued in other forums, notably the Association for Geographic Information (AGI), which meets on 15 Dec to discuss what advise it should give on funding the completion of the National Land & Property Gazetteer (NLPG)

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