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November 16, 2010

Scottish Greens, English Lib Dems & Tory councillor Call for Land Tax

Scotland's Green Party has commissioned a report by land reformer Andy Wightman which sets out a path towards Land Value Taxation.

This comes days after a Liberal Democrat conference in Oxford, of the South Central English Region, called unanimously for Lib Dem Ministers to campaign harder in government for LVT.

A few days later comes a letter in the Independent, from a Conservative councillor in Hampshire (John Kennett), calling for the same policy.

We already have nearly 30 Labour MPs, who fought the election earlier this year with support from the Cooperative Party (whose manifesto - page 17 - prominently included LVT), signed up nominally to what increasingly looks like an idea whose time has come.

Campaigners for LVT are due to meet with the Co-op group of MPs shortly in Parliament, to discuss how to take forward an All Party Parliamentary Group to develop the thinking which, at present, seems most advanced among the Greens in Scotland.

Posted by Tony Vickers at November 16, 2010 3:32 PM | TrackBack

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