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November 18, 2010

PLRG speaker gives keynote on Land at Waterfront

Stephen Hill, who gives the next PLRG talk on Wed 24th November, was opening keynote speaker at a Waterfront Conference on The Future for Housing Delivery yesterday (17th November). He clearly pointed to Land Value Taxation as the answer to the UK's stalled housebuilding programme.

In what he called "the presentation he'd like [Housing Minister] Grant Shapps to give", Hill's wide-ranging talk was peppered with graphics, quotes and statistics that built up a powerful case for reform of the land market through Value Capture.

"Public debt is not the first-order we face. Private debt is far higher. And property debt is the main problem. If land didn't cost so much, we could do so much more with housing funds."

The conference also heard from Nick Cuff, former planner now turned Chair of Planning Applications Committee on Wandsworth (Conservative run) London Borough. Cuff is one of the youngest councillors in England and co-authored a Bow Group paper on planning reform before this year's elections. Another Bow Group paper was authored in 2006 by Mark Wadsworth - on tax simplification through switching the burden to land. [I must try an 'off the cuff' pun on this....]

Hill will recycle much of the content of his Waterfront talk - for free - to PLRG at London South Bank University on 24th, starting at 6pm. Contact Tony Vickers (07950 202640) if you plan to attend, as accommodation is limited. Enter LSBU via Borough Rd (door 1 on map)

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