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PLRG is pleased to announce the first two in a new series of free talks, on Wednesday evenings in Central London, on aspects of Land Value Capture.

On 11th April, Dr Tim Leunig of LSE (Chief Economist at thinktank CentreForum) will speak about Community Land Auctions. CLAs are a Lib Dem contribution to the Coalition Government programme, not in the Coalition Agreement but announced in last year's Budget by Chancellor George Osborne.

Dr Leunig is perhaps the most well-versed economist on the subject anywhere - since the policy has not been implemented in another country. He has written two papers on CLAs for CentreForum (the latest in November last year) and gained support from the current Education Secretary (then Local Government Spokesman for the Conservative Opposition) Michael Gove. Both Coalition Parties are somewhat divided on the merits of CLAs: Lib Dems who favour Land Value Taxation are sceptical that they don't capture enough land value uplift, while one Tory Cabinet Minister has called them "almost Communist"!

The second talk, on April 18th, will be by Nick Maltby (Partner Bircham Dyson Bell) on Tax Increment Financing (TIF). TIF funded infrastructure projects have a long lineage in North America and were legislated for under Labour shortly before the 2010 election in UK. The Scottish Government already uses TIFs and the Coalition has carried on developing the idea as part of its Local Growth Initiative, led by Dr Vince Cable's Department of Business, Innovation and Skills (BIS). In outline, a TIF uses future anticipated land value uplift to underwrite the cost of the project that will create that uplift. Maltby's firm specialises in infrastructure project delivery.

These talks are held in conjunction with those of the OMEGA Centre at Bartlett School of Planning, University College London: OMEGA Seminars are during termtime; PRLG's in UCL's holiday breaks.

Anyone interested in attending PLRG talks should contact Dr Tony Vickers, Hon Sec of PLRG - not UCL.

Details of the venue will be announced shortly: it isexpected talks will all start at 6pm and adjourn to a nearby pub around 7.30 for a light meal and continued discussion.

Future talks will expand on the Coalition Government's steps towards land value capture (LVC): Community Infrastructure Levy (CIL) and New Homes Bonus. Anyone wishing to speak on these (or other subjects relating to LVC) should contact PLRG.


The Professional Land Reform Group is pleased to announce that the OMEGA Centre at Bartlett School of Planning, University College London (UCL) has agreed to host its meetings. Since last July, when Professor Munir Morad (PLRG Vice Chair) moved to Anglia Ruskin University at Chelmsford, PLRG has been without a central London venue.

The OMEGA Centre is one of many worldwide, sponsored by Volvo Research and Educational Foundation (VREF), that focus on the study of challenging mega-project issues for transport planners and urban designers. The synergy with PLRG is obvious: sustainable funding of urban infrastructure, which has such an intimate relationship to land values and hence - potentially - to cities worldwide, was the main reason Transport for London hosted PLRG meetings from 2004 to 2009. Reform of land policy cannot be separated from reform of city and national finances, especially property and land taxes.

PLRG will resume its meetings to hear speakers introduce topics that relate to land and tax reform after Easter. It is likely that PLRG talks will dovetail with those of the OMEGA Centre Seminar Programme, which take place most Wednesdays during UCL's term-times.

OMEGA Seminar Programme 2012 v4.pdf. All talks begin at 5.30pm and are free. They take place in Room 401, Wates House, 22 Gordon Street, LONDON WC1H 0QB. Contact Dan Durrant with enquiries 020 7679 4882

PLRG meetings are expected to be in the same venue. The first in the new series is likely to be by Dr Tim Leunig of CentreForum, on Community Land Auctions.

PLRG is very grateful to Professor Harry Dimitriou for facilitating this partnership. 

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