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December 18, 2012


When people know something about Land Value Taxation, they are more likely to support it. That's the main finding of a poll conducted recently by Ipsos MORI for the Coalition for Economic Justice (CEJ), an umbrella group of organisations wanting to see existing taxes replaced with a levy on annual land rental value.


Nearly 1000 people were asked a series of ten questions about how land values arise, what they know and think about council tax, and whether they would prefer to have just the land value of residential sites - not the value of the whole property - used as the basis of their property tax. They were not asked about other taxes. Nor were they told that a land value tax (LVT) wouldn't be additional to existing taxes but would replace them.


"We're pleased with the results of this poll, coming at a time of increasing interest in tax reform for a variety of good reasons." said Dr Tony Vickers, a land policy researcher who led the CEJ team that planned the survey. "Nobody cheers at the prospect of a new tax but what was encouraging about this poll was the attitude of people who claimed to already know a bit about this tax. Among those that say they are at all 'in the know' (one in eight), the majority (3:2) said it is 'fair' compared to a third overall among the whole population who thought that."


"These findings confirm our experience with students attending our courses in the science of political economy," said David Triggs, Chairman of the Henry George Foundation, which runs courses in central London.


PLRG's report can be downloaded here:- LVT poll_report.pdf

Notes to editors:


1.      Ipsos MORI conducted 986 interviews with British adults aged 15+ between 19 October - 5 November 2012, face-to-face, in home, as part of the regular Capibus service. Data are weighted to match the profile of the population.

  1. The poll was made possible thanks to a grant from the Joseph Rowntree Reform Trust.
  2. A private members bill calling for research on LVT, sponsored by Caroline Lucas MP (Green, Brighton Pavilion) and supported by Labour and Liberal Democrat back-benchers, has its second reading next week, on Friday 25th January.
  3. The Liberal Democrat Party is carrying out a review of its tax policies, with a draft paper due to be published for consultation by the end of January. The Party is already in favour of LVT "for the longer term" and specifically to replace business rates. It is expected that the paper will set out how other existing taxes might be reduced or replaced by introduction of LVT. Several Lib Dem cabinet members, including Nick Clegg and Vince Cable, are associated with the Party's LVT campaign group ALTER (Action on Land Taxation and Economic Reform).
  4. Conservative Planning Minister Nick Boles is on record as supporting a 'land tax'

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